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Zolt: The Laptop Charger to Rule Them All

The Zolt charger can provide power to almost any laptop and USB device. Buy on Amazon: ~~ Visit us at for more Apple news and videos! Download the free...

My First Line of Code: Linus Torvalds

June 16 -- Linus Torvalds, who is known for developing the Linux kernel, talks to Bloomberg about his first line of code.

Runescape - Purple Portal - APK Vs Wilderness Empire - AWL Warband-Style Ladder

Atomic PK Vs Wilderness Empire Purple portal battle (AWL Warband-style ladder). We would like to reach out to Wilderness Empire and thank them for the battle they gave us, they fought valiantly....

►5 Inventions you never knew existed #4

SALE !!! Top 5 Smartphones To buy in 2018: 1 Google Pixel 2: 2 iPhone X: 3 Samsung Galaxy Note 8: 4 OnePlus 5T : http://am...


HOW TO ENABLE \ DISABLE OR DISABLE FOR ALL TIME WEBCAM Tags: webcampus, webcam test, webcampus unlv, webcam recorder, webcam software, webcam app, webcam effects, webcam recording software,...

Alternative to the iPad Pro & Apple Pencil??

The Joy Factory have brought out the Pinpoint Precision Stylus for tablets and along with a normal iPad or iPad Air this might make a cheap alternative to the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Here...

when is the web app back?:Rant video

hey guys and today I will be discussing my thoghts of when the web app is back. and until next time peace.

PUBG Pro League Application

Evolve Hunters Quest - Evolve's crossmediale app

Steeds meer games gebruiken een mobiele app om de ervaring van de game te versterken. De multiplayer game Evolve heeft ook zijn eigen app gekregen. Douwe neemt kort met jullie door wat Evolve...

Chrome Leadership panel - Chrome Dev Summit 2014

The Chrome Leadership Panel is your chance to help direct the platform. Let the Leadership team know where your issues are and how you would like them to be solved. Ask tough questions and get your vo.

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